A wedding is a ceremony in which two people are united in marriage, Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. This is the age of professionalism and the expectations of having a perfectly planned wedding are on all - time – high. Not just the hosts, even guests have tremendous expectations these days of attending a well organised wedding & being taken care of. They all want to go home and tell tales of how they attended this mega wedding which was perfectly planned & managed by a team of wedding managers.

While us at real events & ent. Keep all the above in mind but we mostly never lose sight of the fact that we are not just planning an event/party but creating life time memories. Hence the approach, the mindset & the thought process all have to think in a way that only shows personal touch and doesn't give a feel of a non – stop party or a concert. Our fundamentals are concept, ideation, budgeting, vendor selection, entertainment plan and management on the day. This ensures that the host can play his/her role of being a warm & a gracious host and making the event or the function most memorable than ever before.

Decoration part.

  • •   Entrance décor
  • •   Main gate décor
  • •   Vedhi mandaps
  • •   Sitting areas
  • •   Food canopies (food counters, live counters, salad counters, water counters,
         barbecue counters etc.)
  • •   Ghodi
  • •   Band, baaja, baraat
  • •   Mehandi designer
  • •   Make-up artist
  • •   Designing and execution of wedding cards.
Heaven Theme
Pink Theme
Red Theme
Love Theme
Destination Weddings


Organizing wedding out from our city which is very famous and happening place, making all the arrangements with all décor, technical and entertainment aspects with ease.

Places like:

  • •   Goa
  • •   Lonavla
  • •   Agra
  • •   Delhi
  • •   Indore
  • •   Jodhpur
  • •   Jaipur
  • •   Udaipur
  • •   Pune
  • •   Ambay valley
  • •   Mumbai

SANGEET (Pre-Wedding Musical Night)

A happy day well planned with complete entertainment and family dance, creatively choreographed for performance on the eve along with the special dance performance of bride and groom. It's a day or and eve celebrated with full fun & enjoyment along with all relatives, friends, guests and family members few days before the wedding. There are various themes, concepts, celebrity performances or other kind of entertainment in sangeet as per the client's choice.

Bhavesh Sangeet
Sangeet Set Up
Sunils Sangeet
Meghna & Kaivan
Ring Ceremony


According to the tradition, in a ring ceremony a couple exchange wedding rings after they say their vows, may be simply incorporated into the wedding vows, or treated as these rings as symbols(symbol) of marriage, the words said during the ring exchange should reflect the couple's hopes for their marriage. These words separate ritual.


A wedding reception is a party (event) held after the completion of a marriage ceremony. It is held usually as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding, hence the name reception: the couple receives society, in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a married couple. Hosts provide their choice of food and drinks.

Reception Set Up 1
Reception Set Up 2


It is the most important aspect of the wedding event, after décor food is the thing which really talks about and remembers it for a long period of time. A tasty, delicious and well planned menu would result in a successful wedding.



Hospitality is the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. However, it still involves showing respect for one's guests, providing for their needs, and treating them as equals. In India, hospitality is based on the principle "Atithi Devo Bhava" meaning the guest is God.

Organising hotel rooms or other cosy staying facility for out station guest to accommodate with right peace of mind and complete facility. Help Desk, Coordination with Hotel, Rooming list, 24-hour help desk, Welcoming guests & Exclusive check-in.



Ticketing, Airport Transfers, Coordinate with the travel agency, dedicated cars for the guests, exclusively designed and printed car stickers.

Birthday Party


A birthday party is a celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the person who is being honoured. Birthday cake is usually served with lit candles that are to be blown out after a "birthday wish" has been made. Birthday parties are often larger and more extravagant if they celebrate someone who has reached what is regarded in the culture as a milestone age, such as transition from childhood to adulthood.

Budget entertainers like:

  • •   Magician
  • •   Live sketch
  • •   Tattoo artist
  • •   Face painting artist
  • •   Hair braider
  • •   Puppet show
  • •   Mascots
  • •   Jugglers
  • •   Clowns
  • •   Animal show
  • •   Giant wheel
  • •   Air walker
  • •   Still walker
  • •   Balloon & guns
  • •   Mini train
  • •   Popcorn
  • •   Candy floss
  • •   Punch bag
  • •   Horse
  • •   Professional dance kids
  • •   Moon walkers
  • •   Trampoline
  • •   Bull ride
  • •   Game stalls
  • •   Customize cake design
  • •   Table to table magic etc.

Cocktail Party


A cocktail party is a party at which cocktails (cocktail drinks) are served. It is sometimes called a cocktail reception. Women who attend a cocktail party may wear a cocktail dress. A cocktail hat is sometimes worn as a fashion statement. This party is celebrated keeping a nice theme, with various entertainers.

  • •   Like belly dance
  • •   Orchestra band
  • •   Gazal troop
  • •   Sufi nite
  • •   Qwaali nite
  • •   Bollywood performers



  • Dinner party,

    Surprise party,

    Karaoke night,

    D.j night,

    Anniversary party:
  • Tea party,

    Costume or fancy dress party,

    Annual day


    Farewell party
  • Hawaiian theme,

    Carnival theme,

    Forest theme,

    Candy theme

    Horror theme,

    Princess theme.



First Communion, or First Holy Communion, is a Catholic Church ceremony. It is the colloquial name for a person's first reception of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Catholics believe this event to be very important, as the Eucharist is one of the central focuses of the Catholic Church. Lutherans traditionally practice First Communion. First Communion in Roman Catholic churches typically takes place at age seven or eight, depending on the country.

Here we have March pass, raising toast, special speech, cake cutting, etc. which all follows with various entertainments (refer to birthday event)

Conferences & Seminars


Conferences & Seminars are age old methods to impart knowledge within a confined group. Only the dynamics of these has changed drastically. Unlike conventional ways, present day Conferences & Seminars are crisp with powerful speakers, themes in sync with the objectives or the company's image. A good dose of specially planned entertainment ensures audience engagement at all levels and aids future participation. Sound, light, projector and screen, entertainments,

Seminar can be of the following type:

•    A half day seminar on your product and services.
•    A one day or two day conference, featuring multiple tracks and noted speakers, run by a professional
     conference organizer on highly technical issues. Attracting participants from across the country.

A Series of half day or one day seminar offered at several location across the country to teach the fundamentals of the specific application to those just beginning to work in Types of Conferences are:

  • •    Board meeting
    •    Sales conference
    •    Management meeting
    •    Budget Meeting
    •    Annual meeting
    •    Product launch
  • •    Seminar
    •    Workshop
    •    General assembly or
          plenary session
    •    Training programs
    •    Team-building events
    •    Special events.

Brand Promotions


The meaning of Brand Promotions is awareness of brand to general & target customers, to make any new product or old product more popular and user friendly, Brands need to realize their full potential to become super brands that will revolutionize the industry. Brand Promotion is safest and easier solution to answer all these question, cause any company head or corporate house cannot go and answer all these questions to general customers, to make more convenient for both corporate company & customer we designed a solution is called as BRAND PROMOTION.

Fashion Show


Fashion show has a unique appeal when visualized & choreographed creatively leaves a lasting impression. Fashion shows bring along a lot of "oomph" factor being a perfect vehicle of glamour and ostentation. From just being an event to display upcoming line of clothing & gorgeous models taking the ramp it has transformed a lot, these days seeing employees, physically challenged, kids etc. taking the ramp.

Timing is of crucial factor in planning this event. Also is the implementation of the concepts. We help you with very suitable venue, richly experienced fashion choreographers, celebrity show stoppers (across various field), male & female models, make-up artist, hair stylist, art directors, photo shoots, public relations, security personnel & much more.

Our Services Include:

  • •    Venue Booking
    •    Runway & Event Design
    •    Theme Development
    •    Event Logistics
    •    Production & Execution
    •    Hair & Make up Stations
    •    Food Services
    •    Music & Entertainment
  • •    Décor
    •    Lighting & Audio visual
    •    Auto Cad Planning
    •    Technical Requirements
    •    Equipment Strategies
    •    Staffing Solutions
    •    Attendee Management
    •    Transportation



An inauguration is a formal ceremony to mark the beginning of a leader's term of office. While brands put never ending efforts to get better price of market share. We help you in way that caters to your objective in simple yet elegant manner. Celebrity presence on such occasion from various fields i.e. films, sports, social background etc. fetches extensive publicity for the brand. This along with elegant minimal decor & entertainment keeping in mind the brand image acts like an icing on the cake.



The word Navaratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Devi are worshiped. The 10th day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or Dussehra.

Navaratri is celebrated in different ways throughout India. Navratri festival in Gujarat is one of the main festivals. Garba and dandiya is a dance which people dance after the Durga Pooja with the groups and live orchestra or on devotional songs. This is the biggest festival of the year in this state. As the trends are changing people have started calling celebrities and performers to host the event and dance respectively. Now days navratriis celebrated on a large scale to encourage the youngsters and to know about the tradition and culture of our country.

New Year's


In the Gregorian calendar, New Year's Eve, the last day of the year, is on December 31.New Year's Eve is celebrated at evening social gatherings, followed byconcerts, late-night partying, sporting events, celebrity performances, fireworks, and other entertainments where many people dance, eat, drink alcoholic beverages etc. The celebrations generally go on past midnight into January 1 (New Year's Day).

Independence Day


This is one of a significant day in every Indians life. This event means a lot to Indians and is celebrated and organised in a grand way. On this day there is a stage with grand decoration & with other setups too, national songs are played. There is a Chief Guest who hoists the Flag, and then there is a delivery of important speeches paying patronage to our leaders & freedom fighters. Various entertaining performances like Folk dance, Mallakham, Gymnastic, Singing Competition,Dance Competition, traditional fashion shows etc are also organised on this day.

Big Screen Celebrities


Celebrities are meant to entertain us, now that can be in various forms, like hosting, dancing, acting etc. Here's the list of celebs who all are very famous and really entertain the audience with their true hard work & charm.

  • Anushka Sharma,

    Piyanka Chopra,

    Malaika Arrora khan,

    Deepika Padukone,

    Shahid Kapoor,

    Ranveer Singh,

    Shahrukh Khan,

    Prachi Desai,

  • Arti chabbriya,

    Jaqulin Fernandes,

    Tanushree Dutta,

    Yana Gupta.

    Hrithik Roshan

    Katrina Kaif,

    Ranbir Kapoor,

    Ritiesh deshmukh,

  • Genilie D' souza

    Shreyas Talpade,

    Bipsha Basu,

    Zareen Khan,

    Manisha Lambha,

    Amisha Patel

    Esha Deol

Small Screen Celebrities


Television world has grown rapidly in coming few years, nos. of channels have increased too. Then there we have many hit show coming up and due to which we fall in love with the character that is doing a great job and ends up in becoming their fan. With the wide audience choice these characters too have become celebs like those of big screen one. They are very entertaining & famous too. Here's the list as follows.

  • Rashmidesai,

    Rakhi Sawant,

    Sambhavna Seth,

    Shewta Tiwari,

    Sara Khan,

    Ankita Lokhande,

    Parul Chauhan,


  • Sanjida,


    Jay Bhanushali,

    Saumya Tondon,


    Ragini Khanna,

    Parizaad Kohla,

    Aashka Goradia,

  • Neha Sharma.

    Gaurav Chopra,

    Karan Patel,

    Shushan Rajput,

    Shabbir Ahluwalia,

    Chang, Mouniroy,

    Karishma Tanna,

    Narayani Shastri,

Bhojpuri Artist


Manoj tiwari,

Ravi kishan,


Sambhavna Seth etc.

Marathi Celebs


  • •   Sachin & Supriya

  • •   Adesh Bandekar

  • •   Bhargavi Chirmule

Bollywood Performers


performers from bollywood dance association to perform various creative dance acts( uv light dance act, water dance act, carnival, salsa, rock n roll, eras of Bollywood, disco, hip-hop, contemporary etc.


TV KID ARTIST: Tapasya, Iccha, Saloni, Darshil safari,

TV & NON TV COMEDIANS: Raju Srivastav, Vip, Suddesh Lehri, Bharti Singh, Guggi, Kapil Sharma, Sunil Pal, Rajiv Thakur,Navin Prabhakar, Krishna, Amit Mishra, Etc..

MUSICAL BANDS: Shankar Ehsan Loy, Vishal Shekar, Niraj Sridhar, Atiff Aslam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Kailash Kher, Sukhwinder Singh, Mika Singh,K.K, Aditya Narayan, Ishq Victor, Raghav Sacchar,

TV REALITY SHOW PERFORMERS: Shakti mohandid, Dharmesh (DID), Siddesh (DID), Diwakar And Sonia (IGT), Prachi Garude, (IGT), Satyjeet padhya (Ventriloquist IGT), Bad Salsa Kids (IGT).

SINGERS: Sharib, Sriram, Prachi, Sunaina..

TV Kid Artist
TV & Non Tv Comedians
Musical Bands
TV Reality Show Performers

FOLK PERFORMERS: Bhangra Dance Performer, Lavni, Kathak Kali, Indian Acrobats, Oddissi, Lezim, Mujra, Gujrati Dyro, Rajasthani Performer, Etc...

NATIONAL PERFORMERS. Prince Dance Troop, Shillomg Chambers, Sai & Kirthi (Ballroom Dance Performers) Etc..

INTERNATIONAL PERFORMERS: Belly Dance Performer, Bubble Dance Performer, African Acrobats, Latin Dance Couple, Fire Eater/Thrower, Pole Dancer, Gymnast Girls, Moulin Rouge Ect...

FUSHION BANDS: Gujrati Dyro, Gazal Troop, Suffi Band, Qawaali Troop, Rock Band, Indo Fushion Band,Jazz Troop, Indian Classical Band, Bollywood Band Etc..

SOLO MUSIC ARTISTS: Guitarist, Pianist, Violin Player, Tabla Player, Keyboard Player, Saxophone & Trumpet Etc..

Folk Performers
National Performers
International Performers
Creative Performers


High quality sound, with very talented operators working on big shows and tv production houses. Utilisation of right talent colabration of work experiences in creating a successful event. Brands like Ohm, Boss, Jbl, Pioneer, Rcf etc.


Lights are one of the most important factor of an event. Lighting the event with right set of lights turns into grand event. There are nos. of lights used for an event, various events requires different lightings so as to meet its need.( normal lights, intelligent lights & laser show, laser board) etc.


For an imposing and unforgettable event, Aquatic show has created the Aqua vision system; a water curtain with an unequalled quality today. With water projection, your event comes to a new dimension! This new patented technology offers a surface of projection for pictures, film, video or laser of an extraordinary quality. To promote your company or to mark a particular event, in the frame of a fair or a show, the most important characteristic of the water projection system is that it is in harmony with all type of events, which will make them unforgettable.


Watching a fireworks display is an amazing feast for the eyes and often a sight to behold. Confetti blast, pyros blast, Niagra falls, Jerbs etc.


Single and multi-camera set up.


Licenses and permission require running the event, also permission for using rights for songs of various sound companies, etc.


Booking of venues required for various events in lesser price, which results in saving few amount of client and also saving their precious time.


Expectation of audience has grown too high, every event has different audiences whose taste varies too from each other, so getting the right d.j to play in the event can only get the audience on the dance floor and result into a successful event.





Led Screens
Other Aspects


Ravi Prakash:- Director & founder.

Ravi Prakash is a brilliant Choreographer & Event Organiser. Started choreographing in 2004 with a reality show NACH BALIYE 2. Slowly & gradually started choreographing Corporate Events, Award Shows, Musical Nites, Wedding Functions etc. Had been also associated with many tv shows like Dancing queen ( colors ) Amul Voice of india ( star plus ) Ipl rockstar (Colors) Chak dhoom dhoom ( colors ) Commedy circus ( sony ) big boss 4 opening and finale ( colors ) Was also associated with Rajiv Gandhi awards 2009 at NCPA.

As connected with various event companies & production houses for many years, different ideas, concepts, management and qualities of team work was developed & learnt by him. After putting all the hard work, experience, creativity and talent together eventually idea of starting an event company developed.

The first Event in 2007 at ITC five star hotel was a bang on, it was a sangeet function which gave a stepping stone to REAL EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT. The idea of growing as a full fledge event company had gained a big start and is gradually achieved.

Then a wedding anniversary celebration in 2008 which was managed and organised by RAVI and the company, was a grand celebration and an ultimate successful event. Other events like Birthday Parties, Fashion Shows, Weddings, Celebrity Management etc. Now the company has become complete professional in all types of events and entertainment, with all types of technical & productions too

We take a fresh approach to event development, with confidence and new ideas of achieving it. Our expertise includes logistics planning, location management, course design, and event execution. Using our pool of experienced staffs which has been developed over several years of successful event management not only help us in executing the events well but also help us in meeting all your event needs.

Conclusion – Our Phrase i.e Your thoughts & Our efforts come together & create world of complete entertainment, has been & will remain the foremost motive of REAL EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT.

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